Galveston, TX | Casey Jones From TMNT / by jacqueline andrade

This personalized photo session was tons of fun! I couldn't be more happy with the portraits we got this evening.

My model, Alex, creates cosplay outfits on his free time as a hobby. He wears them to comic con events that come to town and of course the best time of the year, Halloween. Inspiration is a powerful thing that can lead to wonderful outcomes and I feel this is what happened on this shoot. We hope to have more shoots with some of his other costumes soon!

We decided a back alleyway would be the perfect place for this character, and Galveston's strand has some of the coolest looking alleys I've seen in Texas, so we took off to the island to photograph during the golden hour. We were a little nervous to get yelled at by someone but got through it without anyone even seeing us. :)

I absolutely fell in love with the smoke bomb effect. I got the idea from one of my couples who asked if I'd be willing to photograph their engagements using smoke bombs. I was so excited to hear such an awesome outside the box idea and agreed with excitement. This shoot was a practice round for their engagements soon to go up!  I recommend not shooting when it is windy and to bring some water to cool off the tube once the smoke has all passed.

-Jacke Andrade


"cowabunga dude!"