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Introducing The Soft Cover Book

Hello Everyone! For the past two months I have been changing the way I do business to better serve my clients. That being said, I have been looking and am still looking for great new products to offer to my 2017 clients. I came home tonight to find my first studio sample waiting for me at my door. I am so excited that I decided to give it a quick photo shoot and do an online reveal. :D

I introduce to you, The Soft Cover Book

Size pictured above, 6in x 9in.

Size pictured above, 6in x 9in.


...yet Elegant.

Size pictured above, 6in X 9in

Click the arrows to Take a look at my album design! ;)

Let me give you some details.

J. Andrade Visual Arts-17.JPG

Yes, the pages are sturdy and durable!

Yes, it's a soft cover and YES, it lays flat!

J. Andrade Visual Arts-18.JPG

YES, the crease is seamless!

Yes, the front and back covers are photo customizable!

Let me design your own photo book!

Odds are that your digital photos are currently on a flash drive, sitting inside a drawer, waiting to get printed. How long has it been since the actual shoot? And you still haven't made time to make prints? Why not send me those files so I can start designing your photo book? Easy as that. The book is not limited to weddings, in fact, it would be perfect for small shoots such as engagements, bridals, family portraits, etc. 

Please contact me for pricing info and any other questions. I'm happy to help you get your beautiful photos out of your flash drive and on to something you can display in your home!

Hope you enjoyed! Comments are welcome.

- Jacqueline Andrade