Albuquerque, NM | Lupita's Designs | Fashion Portraits / by jacqueline andrade

Last month I had the pleasure of getting to photograph three beautiful women, one being a very talented designer in Albuquerque, NM who designed the clothes being worn by the models in the portraits below! Working alongside creatives is one of my many inspirations in this world. It doesn't matter what it is as long as their heart is in it. 

Special thanks to Diana and Ruby, the models who were so cooperative and excited to be a part of this collaboration! Y’all truly rocked it! 

J. Andrade Visual Arts-9642.jpg

Meet Lupita Orozco, 

the creative mind behind all these outfits! Notice her cute little hanger tattoo on her right wrist, I thought it was adorable and perfect for her! I'm still trying to find the right tattoo for me but even when I do, I'll probably still be too scared of needles.


A little bit about the outfits

The blouse is the outcome of experimenting with fabric, color and a little bit of fun. The pants were a project Lupita took on during her internship with the amazing Isaias, at Izzy’s Tailor Shop, who she learned so much from. This outfit was a part of the collection made for the fashion show during her last semester at Santa Fe Community College. What better way to learn than by collaborating and working with another creative like she did with Isaias? So take those internships if you are in school kids! 

Photographing in downtown Albuquerque was quite an experience and one I will never forget... not all for the best reasons. Lets just say I saw things I wish I had never seen and am now scarred forever. But aside from THAT, Albuquerques downtown is cute and quiet. Reminded me a lot of the strand in Galveston on a weekday with no cruise ship.

J. Andrade Visual Arts-9534.jpg

Lupitas goal was to create outfits full of color and prove that they all work well together even as business wear! I think she fulfilled that goal so perfectly with this skirt and blouse in the photo above! I am so in love with this shot, long hair for the win! 


Even though I was miles away from Houston in search of different backgrounds for my portraits, I found myself in the greenery that I could have easily found at home. The desert is beautiful but I think a forest of sunflowers and tall lush trees will always pull me in.

The day before this session, after finishing some family portraits actually, I went exploring to find a different location to do these photos at and found this adorable teepee made out of tree limbs! This and the sunflower field gave the explorer in me so much joy!

J. Andrade Visual Arts-9606.jpg

Lupita told me about her more current goals and those are to bring life back to clothes that are no longer in style. I just love the this concept and can relate so much to it as a photographer with a not so pretty location to photograph at! The transformations are incredible, look for yourself!

I end this blog with a quote from Lupita and a thanks to all creative minds for making the best out of what others might over look. Also encourage you to work with a creative you admire and try and learn something new from each other. 

Take another look and see the possibilities.