Jemez Mountains, NM | A Quarter of a Century | Jacke A. / by jacqueline andrade

What? You don't celebrate your birthday with a road trip specifically meant to take portraits of yourself in the land of enchantment, New Mexico? Twenty-five years on this earth and I can't even begin to gather my thoughts and put them into words. I kinda envy those who have life figured out now, or y'all just make it seem like you have it down. I'm so inspired I don't even know where to start. Odds are I overthink every word that comes out of your mouth and mine. The older I get the more I admire my mother and only hope to be as great as her one day. I am learning to love every blemish I create and comes my way. I want to better myself in all the ways possible. Yeah, this is me at twenty-five.


J. Andrade Visual Arts-0029.jpg
J. Andrade Visual Arts-0119.jpg


J. Andrade Visual Arts-0073.jpg
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J. Andrade Visual Arts-0117.jpg


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J. Andrade Visual Arts-0192.jpg


Thank you alex for helping me create these portraits.