Clear Lake, TX | Music Video With Bethany Ann Warner / by jacqueline andrade

What I Wish I'd Done- Bethany Ann

I recently partnered up with Stephanie Williams to collaborate on the making of  Bethany Ann Warner's music video and we could not be more excited! This shoot really reminded us just how much we love using our cameras to just make art! We started in Bethany's home where we got footage in two different rooms of the house. There was an empty pool in her backyard so we said WHY NOT? There's really no other back story to those pool photos hehe! So we had a quick photo shoot before we took off to the beach where we finished shooting the rest of the video.

This was my first time working with Bethany and only got to work with her because her and Stephanie are good friends. Things ran pretty smoothly, she was patient and sang her song over and over for us to make sure we got the shot. Bethany Ann is 19 years old, writes and sings her own songs and is currently studying music at Baylor. Read more on Stephanie’s blog! Definitely check out her work on Sound Cloud! I'm a fan and believe this girl is gonna go far!

Stephanie and I first met at the University of Houston where we both went through the fine arts program for photo and digital media and later graduated together. Woo PDM16! We have since worked together plenty of times. She has actually been my favorite person to photograph around Houston lately!

The following images are from our day shooting the music video for the song What I Wish I’d Done by Bethany.  Enjoy! And get excited for the final product!