London | Europe 2016 Trip / by jacqueline andrade

Looking back at my photographs from my stay in London and thinking I need to give it another chance.

My favorite image I captured in London. A woman admiring the skater boys as they land their tricks. My only regret is not having some of the skaters in the frame.

During this walk we rented some city bikes and rode around in London's flip flopped traffic. I met a nice gentleman dressed in business attire at a red light, who was also on a bike, riding home from work not even breaking a sweat. I was so nervous about not dying that I just wanted him to stop talking to me so I could concentrate on the road. I forgot his name the second after he said it. We rode next to each other for about 4 blocks and then I never saw him again.

Man this thing was going so fast, I could not stop laughing! I had to try and capture its speed with a slower shutter speed.


Gosh I miss my long purple hair. I couldn't go to London and not get on the London Eye ok? That's all I have to say about it. Two top photos by Dave & Jess Ramirez. 


This is where the royal wedding happened! (I didn't feel like paying to go inside though I wanted to) I was one of those people who woke up in the middle of the night to catch a glimpse of the royal wedding on TV. Full Ceremony video below because research and why not lol!


So London was my least favorite because 1.) The airport security threw away my expensive hair products because it didn't fit in their tiny plastic bags and the guy was an asshole 2.) I lasted two whole weeks in Europe without getting sick... until LONDON! Well it started the last day in France but was sick for my entire stay in London. It may have been that wonderful spontaneous jump into the ocean water in Chinque Terre or the constant change in weather 3.) I may have been home sick and uninspired. By this time, on my 2 week long vacation, I was so done with taking photos. I think I even left my camera behind for a few trips. It could have had a lot to do with being sick 4.) The subway was hard AF to figure out 5.) I didn't care for fish and chips. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

Don't get me wrong, I still had a great time! :)

This night we went to a modern Shakespeare play at the Shakespeare's Globe theatre and it was so good! I recommend it to anyone visiting London. The actors had my full attention so no photos from it sorry. Also I'm pretty sure it wasn't allowed.

Buckingham Palace changing of the guard was awful. Can you see my purple head facing away from the action because I felt unsafe and claustrophobic. Don't do it unless you get a good seat, or you enjoy tourist trying to climb on you go get their photos and video (I elbowed this one guy) and police yelling at you like you are a part of a herd of cattle(cows would have listened better than these tourists). No disrespect to the police who take their jobs very seriously. Top two photos by Dave & Jess Ramirez.

This is the most important part of London. Its market and the Scottish egg meal you can get there! My mouth is drooling just looking at the photo!


Hampton Court is HUGE and gorgeous, I felt so rushed and got a little lost trying to explore each and every corner before I had to catch the train back to the city. The gardens were obviously my favorite! I feel like my photos don't do them justice. :(

The Tower of London is a must. One of the best museums I've been to, it had so much history and interesting stories. Did not disappoint. This is something you can purchase a ticket to in advance.

I leave you with a bonus goofy Snap Chat video of three stories and too many selfies combined into one video.  

I think I will post about France for the next travel blog. Till next time!


-Jacke Andrade