Colorado | Marixa & Ivan / by jacqueline andrade

Houston has reached its hell like summer days and we haven't even hit the triple digits yet! What better way to cool off mentally than with a snowy photo blog from my travels to Colorado, third wheeling, along side my sister and brother in law?  Just kidding y'all, they don't ever make it awkward or nothing :). Shout out to mi tia Angelica for letting us use her bad ass mini van. And to Maribel & Gabe for showing us around when it was too cold to even stick your nose out the door. <3

Eating pizza while it snowed outside was fantastic. Jumping in and out of natural hot sulphur springs, while it snowed on us, was crazy fun! This trip marks my first time being in the snow and photographing in Colorado's freezing temperatures. I learned that I hate walking on snow. It gives me mad goosebumps like nails on a chalkboard... ugh just thinking about it makes me rub my arms! But it was magical watching the snow flakes fall down so gracefully. ❄️ 

Stay cool Houstonians, it's going to be a hot summer!  

-Jacke Andrade