Manvel, TX | Lazy Sunday | Family Portraits / by jacqueline andrade

Don't ever over think your location for your next portrait session because you don't even have to leave your bed! Erika, James and Baby Santiago invited me into their home to capture some intimate family portraits right in their bedroom. We photographed all while a summer storm rolled in.

Let's talk locations

As much as I love photographing in beautiful green fields and parks, a more personalized touch to your locations always adds more meaning to your images.  Now I'm not saying to rule out going to that beautiful green field at sunset your photographer recommended! Don't do that! I'm saying to also choose a location where you have shared some of the best memories with your loved ones. You can always have two locations, the big open field at sunset and the spot where you shared your first kiss , the spot where you first said I love you , the spot where you spent weeks waking up, multiple times, in the middle of the night to feed your first baby. When Erika and James leave this house, they will always have these memories of where Santiago spent his infancy! How freaking great is that?!

Storm is'a comin'...

Baby it's hot outside.. 

so let's stay in for our family portraits.

Cute overalls...

on and off!

Lets face it...

 Baby Santiago stole the show.

Lazy Sunday