Houston, Tx | 35mm B&W Film | Developing Film / by jacqueline andrade

I have been holding on to three expired rolls of film for freaking ever because I didn't want to mail them off and finally found someone in Houston who could do it! Honestly I forgot what was on them so getting the negatives and scans back was like a surprise gift from me to me lol. Ever since I graduated UH and didn't have access to a darkroom anymore I stopped shooting film. It's pretty heart breaking, film is not something I want to go away ever. I love all the imperfections that it might come with like dust specs, grain and bad focus. I shot these images with the sole propose of just getting myself to shoot on film. Here are a few of my favorites that I felt had a similar mood.


Cassie Skelly & Briana Soler are local artists in Houston reaching out to film photographers who need their film developed. So glad they started doing this! I can't wait to shoot color film next time. :)

 I reached out to Cassie and Briana for pricing and scheduling through their Instagram!

@cassieskelly_     @brisoler

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