Houston Museum District Surprise Proposal / by jacqueline andrade

Julien & Mercedez Surprise Proposal/Engagements

Planning a Surprise Proposal with a Professional Photographer

Mercedez knew they would be taking couple portraits but she didn’t suspect to see Julien down on one knee! Here’s how Julien planned this surprise proposal without her getting suspicious:

Julien and Mercedez had been dating for years now and had been talking about getting their portraits done because they didn't have many photos together. Julien ran with this idea and decided it would be the perfect opportunity to propose and have professional photos of the moment! She knew she was taking photos so we were able to include her in some of the planning. They also had a trip coming up, to Mexico City, which helped divert her thoughts as to when Julien would propose. He knew he wanted to include murals around Houston so I went exactly one week before the session to look at the murals he had in mind to make suer they still existed and were accessible. We also decided that morning would be best to avoid large crowds. So far I think this has been the most relaxed proposal setting for me, as the one capturing it, at least.

First stop was the “I AM LOVE” mural. I got here a little early to try and keep people from parking in front of the mural. That went pretty smoothly, it was a big lot so there was plenty of other spaces to park at and the one person that parked in front of the mural saw that I was taking photos and voluntarily moved her car! Julien and Mercedez chose to include murals in their session because it’s something they enjoy looking for when visiting new places.

The next stop was another love mural where the proposal was suppose to take place but unfortunately there was too many cars parked in front and we wouldn’t have been able to get a clean view for the images. Plan B! The roof top of The Glassell School of Art. No one in sight just Julien telling Mercedez I don’t know what because I was too far away to hear but I could only imagine it was nothing but love!

She was so surprised! I loved how she kept looking at me in disbelief of what was happening!


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Next stop! The Menil Collection, for a touch of greenery that Mercedez requested for part of the session.

This swing photo below is one of my favorites because I feel like it portrays their personalities so perfectly! I really enjoyed getting to know these two!

Again, over all, this has been the most relaxed proposal for me as the photographer. I think the main reason would be because I wasn’t having to worry about hiding or keeping one from seeing the other. I think it’s all about the way you want to surprise your lover. Is it by surprising them with professional photos? Surprising them with you being included in the session? Or surprising them with the proposal itself, there’s so many ways to ask. Also, some people hate surprises. So always try to keep this in mind, does the session match your personalities? If it does, then you will have a more natural and comfortable feel to the proposal than you would in an environment or even outfit you would never find yourself in.

Thank you so much Julien and Mercedez for letting me capture this moment!