Houston Zoo Lights Surprise Proposal / by jacqueline andrade

Mathew and I had been planning for about four months before the big day and if it wasn’t for the rain it would have happened a lot sooner! The new year brought better weather and gave us a beautiful night to put our plan into action! Hillary had no idea, as far as she knew it was just date night at the Houston Zoo Lights.

Tip: If you still want to keep it a surprise but want to make sure your partner looks good for photos tell them it’s a date. Convince them to get their nails done by asking her best friend to invite her!

I made sure to get there before them to look for a pretty spot and texted Mathew to let him know exactly where I was. With it being a busy night at the zoo, we had to work with the crowd so we wouldn’t get in their way and they wouldn’t get in ours.

Tip: Keep this in mind when planning any kind of session in public locations. Always be respectful to the people around you and share the area. If sharing isn’t your thing than consider a more private location. :)

There was a quiet moment when Matthew and Hillary were left isolated from the crowd after a light show at the reflection pond, no one was around or between me and them. Keep in mind I’m still hiding and blending in while Matthew took advantage of this perfect moment and started getting down on one knee. He gave me the cue and all I remember is saying “omg omg it’s happening” as I clicked the shutter. Such a sweet and exciting moment, I couldn’t stop smiling! And guess what her response was…

J. Andrade Visual Arts-9143.jpg


J. Andrade Visual Arts-9309.jpg

After the proposal we walked through the Zoo Lights with Matthew and Hillary looking for fun spots to stop and take photos at. Again working with the crowd and being mindful of the no flash signs for the animals. :)


I had great help with lighting up this lovely couple from my assistant Emelin! Thanks Em, you da best!!