Un Corrido Para Mi

A man tells us his story of when he was deported from the United States to Mexico through a corrido. He creates this corrido with new friends during his time spent in prison. This man is my uncle. Corridos are very popular in Mexico and are known for telling stories of tragic events in history that can be passed down for generations like you would a family recipe.

The footage used for this music video was all shot in El Malpais, Mexico. This is the ranch where my grandpa lives; where my grandma passed away; and where my mother was born and raised. This place always gives me a great amount peace and reminds me of my roots. I want to portray just how happy and proud I am every time I get to visit my little ranch in Mexico.


El Bautismo de los Chiquillos

It's an interesting situation my teenage brothers are in-- they have to go to classes so that they can be baptized, but they have no true interest in being baptized. This forced arrangement is my focus in this short documentary on my Mexican American family. El Bautismo de los Chiquillos is a part of the series called, Mi Familia, which focuses on the relationships between my family members, their personalities, and how they interact with each other. This documentary includes authentic familial scenes where the viewer has a chance to feel as if they’re included in these moments as one of my family members. The main characters are my three brothers, who have not yet been baptized, and my mother, who is the only one concerned with their salvation. It takes place at our homes in Guanajuato, Mexico and Houston, Texas, half way into their baptism journey.


The Aging of Tyson

The story about a 14 year old chihuahua with arthritis whose family is struggling with the hard to make decision of wether or not to put down a best friend.


El Malpais

Showing a day at El Malpaiz because if you ask me where the best place on earth is, I will tell you it's here at my grandpas ranch.


Dear Santi (Birthday Trailor)

Here's a little preview to an incomplete personal documentary that I have been working on (but mostly slacking on) of my nephew, Santiago. Since he is turning ONE on October 2nd, I decided to export a short trailer with a pretty song from footage of when he was about 4 months. I love this kid. I do not own rights to this song.