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Welcome to my Family

This series lets you in to the relationships and interactions between my Mexican-American family members. The photographs are shot with a "fly on the wall" feel to them so that you are able to place yourself in the image as a part of my family. You might even say you are taking my place. One of the pieces is a 30 minute documentary telling the story of a sort of forced baptism.

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El Bautismo de los Chiquillos movie

It's an interesting situation my teenage brothers are in-- they have to go to classes so that they can be baptized, but they have no true interest in being baptized. This forced arrangement is my focus in this short documentary on my Mexican American family. 
El Bautismo de los Chiquillos is a part of the series called, Mi Familia, which focuses on the relationships between my family members, their personalities, and how they interact with each other. This documentary includes authentic familial scenes where the viewer has a chance to feel as if they’re included in these moments as one of my family members. The main characters are my three brothers, who have not yet been baptized, and my mother, who is the only one concerned with their salvation. It takes place at our homes in Guanajuato, Mexico and Houston, Texas, half way into their baptism journey.

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