Lighthouse Point, FL | Rich & Rachel / by jacqueline andrade

Hello everyone! If you've been slacking this summer and not doing your sprints and squats maybe this bad ass, cross fit gym owning couple will inspire you! I’m so happy with the fact that Rich and Rachel agreed to do their session in their own gym! I want this blog to encourage couples to think outside the box and do something a little different with an enagagement session. Choose a place that goes hand in hand with your relationship and if it’s not a place then a significant prop or activity. I’m not talking about a Mr. and Mrs. sign, I’m talking about something that has been your thing since you first started dating, something you purchased on your first vacation, even something you both enjoy eating!

I even got to work out at this gym a few times during my stay in Florida, all thanks to my good friend Dan. It’s almost impossible for me to wake up at 5:30am to do anything much less work out. Friends that give you no choice but to get up early and work out are the type of friends we all need in our lives!