Seabrook, TX | One Year Old Beach Portraits / by jacqueline andrade

In case you were wondering, I do work a lot with couples that are in love but that's not all I do! Meet Skylar! She had an adorable one year portrait session this summer in a hidden little beach in Seabrook, TX! The entire session consisted of me chasing Skylar in and out of the water trying to capture her every mood and sweet moment she created during her adventure at the beach. I'm talking we hit the ground running and didn't stop for about 30+ minutes straight! It's always a work out working with kids but thats why I do those long 7 miles runs on Sunday run days! :P 

Skylar's mom was always at arms reach ready to pick her up when needed but still gave her plenty of space for her to just be free. Grandma was also a great help, always ready to make her laugh on queue! :D This baby girl had a blast and not once did she complain or cry, I think it had a lot to do with the fact that no one was forcing her to sit, no one was forcing her to smile, no one was forcing her to take the "perfect" posed photo. I was simply a guest in Skylar's mini voyage to the beach! 

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