Cypress, TX | Engagements With Your Pup / by jacqueline andrade

Ever thought a dog walk could be romantic? This engagement session took place in Karina & Stevens neighborhood as they took their pup Hiroshi for a walk. This also happens to be the neighborhood Karina grew up in and I got to hear about some of the stories about the areas we walked by! Venturing far and wide is wonderful but the feeling of being close to home with the one that you love doesn’t compare. Sometimes the little day to day adventures are more valuable than what we might take them for.

Fun story behind these fox masks, Karina and Steven actually went to Japan on their first date (kinda sort of was their first date) during a New Year's fox festival in Oji!

“We really love the culture and reminiscing about awkward moments due to the language barrier, trying amazing new cuisines (our favorite was stumbling onto a yakki nikku restaurant on Christmas eve while starving for a hearty meal), and exploring Tokyo in general!” -Karina

Hiroshi was a pretty calm pup to work with, I think the hardest thing was getting him more excited! He seemed to not enjoy that we kept making frequent stops for photos lol. I’ve worked with much more wild and active dogs like golden retrievers and labradors. It is important to know your dog. It’s always good to take the wild ones out for a walk or run to release their wiggles before the session. Keep in mind if your pup is not used to being in new locations they will be curious and on high alert most of the session if not all. Bring treats to reward them and hopefully encourage them to cooperate with us. I usually have a squeaky toy (works with babies too) to catch their attention for some traditional portraits of everyone looking. But for the most part just let them be them and you be you! Have patience and be okay with them not always looking or listening. 

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