Webster, TX | Baby Jordyn / by jacqueline andrade

Baby Jordyn

A few weeks ago I got to photograph a very excited couple through J&D Productions, where I work as a main and second shooter. Let me tell you a little bit about these family portraits.

Grant and Carly met at the ages of 19 and 20 and have been married for about 10 years now. They’d talk about both adopting a child and conceiving another, so adoption had been in their hearts from the very beginning. After 3 years of struggling to grow their family, Carly found out that they couldn't have a child on their own. This is when they began walking the path that lead them to Jordyn.  Carly and Grant have been caring for Jordyn for a few months now and wanted to do their shoot before everything was finalized so they can send out their beautiful family photos with their announcements to family and friends. They are now days away from finalizing Jordyn's adoption!

This was my very first shoot involving the adoption of a child, something I truly believe in, so I was super excited to be the one to take their family portraits. The love between these three was definitely showing, Jordyn cooperated with us the entire shoot. She is such a good baby! There was another family member at the shoot helping me behind the scenes with getting Jordyn to smile and laugh by jumping, making funny noises, and playing peek a boo, we made a pretty good team. I loved that because it helped me to concentrate more on getting the shot. Congratulations Carly, Grant and y'alls family, on the newest little family member! Jordyn now has a family who will be there to care and love her from here on out.

-Jacke Andrade


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